We just need some time

I ask for more time, not because I wanted him to be in suspense or keep him guessing. I ask for more time because I want to make sure this is real. I also want to make sure this isn’t just some infatuation, some fling, something that is exciting due to the novelty. I also want to verify if this is what God wants for me at this point in my life as well. I need to seek God and ask if this relationship would glorify Him or not. So there were a lot of things I needed to think about.

I understand that he’s just been a bubble of joy and also trying very hard to “sweep me off my feet” (those are his exact words). But I’m not your typical fairytale girl. I like reality, I like truth, I want to see a guy for who he really is. So when they use fancy words and grand gestures, I get a bit wary.

It’s unfortunate, since they may truly be sincere, but because of how media and Hollywood has overused some of these expressions and gestures, it may come off as corny and insincere. Many men have also used these so called “lines” to try to get women into bed or woo them off and then break their hearts later on. But I also understand how frustrating it can be for the guy who is sincere. He tries to express himself, and those words or gestures are closest to describe how he feels. But women like us who’ve lived in large cities filled with young single professionals, listening to countless success and failure stories, seeing how men switch women faster than their cell phones and current gadgets, it makes us be on guard. And rightfully so!

So is it unfair to the sincere-guys? Absolutely. But women do this out of self-defense and self-protection. We are just guarding our hearts so that men who are just playing around and insincere can be filtered and weeded out. Meanwhile, what about the sincere-guy? Well, it’ll take some time for us to trust you, but if you’re the real deal, eventually it will happen. We will learn to trust you. And we are committed women, so we will give you our all. We will be faithful and supportive. We will stick by you through thick and thin. But we will only do that after you’ve shows us (after time) that you’re for real.

Does that mean we’ll make you jump through hoops and make you prove yourself? NO. That’s not what we mean, nor what we want. We just need some time. Some time to get to know you more. Time will tell. Even the best womanizer will eventually show flashes of his real skin if you wait enough time.

We just want some more time getting to know you, before we share our hearts to you. Is that ok?


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