Saturday-Sunday – the followup dates

Let’s continue on our story after the ultimate date:

The next morning, he comes to pick me up at 10am, and he had passed a farmers’ market on the way. He saw blueberries and blackberries and thought of me, so he bought some fruit, intending to eat them with me. I happily throw them in the freezer, as he looks on quizzically at me. Little did he know, that I don’t really like eat blueberries directly, but would rather have them in smoothies.

We go to brunch with his friend at Rouge, a French restaurant that looks out to Rittenhouse Square. Afterwards, we do some light shopping, since he had a few items that he needed to pick up. And shopping in Philly is wonderful! No tax on apparel! In the evening, it was my turn to plan the night. So I showed him 3 different restaurants, Alma de Cuba, Monk’s and Oyster House. He met some of my good girlfriends at Oyster House. They loved him. They also liked his version of the story over my version. His version starts with “I saw her across the room at the wedding reception, and …” He makes it sound very romantic and magical. My version? Haha, well, that was the last entry… I think mine is more realistic with exact chronological facts. Anyway, we part ways around 11pm, because I had to be at church early on Sunday for sound check at 8am.

Sunday morning, he heads over at 6am (!!). And we chat a bit and pray together for about 30 minutes. We ask God to give us direction and wisdom for our relationship, since we are far apart and this may be difficult. Also, we’ve both been in serious relationships before, and have been hurt before. We ask God to help heal us and overcome these wounds. I also express to him that what I’m really looking for is a man that can be a spiritual leader, not only of the relationship, but also for the family and my children. And if he feels that isn’t something he can do, then I don’t see this happening. He, thankfully, expressed that is exactly what he wants in his relationship, too. So we pray for God to continue growing him in a Godly man and me into a Godly woman.

After praying, he asks me to be his girlfriend. I slowly answer that I need time.


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