“Girls have all the power”

Conversation with one of my buddies.

My buddy Sean and I were hanging out with a bunch of friends, and I mentioned that in the dating world, I feel that men have all the power. But Sean was very against that statement, he declares, “Are you kidding?! Girls have all the power!”

So he told me his story. He was supposed to meet Sara for a date, on Monday, and all throughout the day, they were texting and confirming plans. Come 6pm, Sean texts Sara, “I’ll pick you up at 7pm?” And no response…

Alright, whatever. Sean brushes it off. Wednesday, Sara starts texting Sean again and is very apologetic, and says that she really wants to see him. Sean agrees, trying to give this a second chance. They make plans for Friday. And in the days and hours leading up to Friday, Sara continually texts Sean to let him know that she’s really excited about the date and really looking forward to seeing him and being with him. (Acting all committed…)

Anyone want to guess what happened on Friday?

2 hours before the date, she is unreachable via text. Sean is completely furious and confused. “Whatever, I’m done.”

Good for you, Sean!

Sara, what are you doing?!?! If you’re canceling on a date, then SAY SO! Don’t just NOT show up! Did you suddenly meet someone else? Maybe you got back with an ex. Maybe you were never that excited to see him. Then don’t lead him on and tell him you were so excited to see him. Stop jerking people around! Stop pulling a guy move! (Just kidding…)

Ok, Sean, I see your point. But I still don’t think girls have ALL the power. I think some people are just very vague and inconsiderate and rude. It doesn’t necesarily mean that they have power or the last say, it just means that they’re unreasonable. And if you’re a reasonable person, it’s just hard to work with them/make any sense of their actions.


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