“Are you sharing my texts?!”

Funny story from my friend.

Kendra catches the Spain vs Paraguay game on her own at Fado (Irish bar in Center City Philly). Mark starts talking to her. A lady asks Mark if lovely Kendra is his girlfriend, he answer, “No, but I’m trying hard to make her mine.” (Sappy, but it’s ok, everyone is drinking and watching the game.)

After the game, Mark invites Kendra to come out with him and his friend, Paul for dinner. Kendra agrees. They go to dinner at XIX, beautiful and fun restaurant, Mark talks to everyone, the waitress, the waitress’ parents, people on the street, etc. Kendra and Paul starts to talk. They hit it off really well, and have obvious chemistry on both sides.

Toward the end of the night, Mark doesn’t pay for Kendra’s meal, and asks for her to pay up. And then Mark adds that he is able to use the company account and comp this meal. Kendra is bewildered why he doesn’t offer to pay, but perhaps it’s because Kendra has been talking to Paul during the remainder of the night. After dinner, Paul asks for Kendra’s number.

The next day, Mark texts Kendra, but Kendra doesn’t respond. Kendra is not at all impressed by Mark. But is actually very attracted to Paul. Kendra tries to text Paul…. but… Guess who texts back?!


And answering exactly the text that Kendra had sent… to Paul.


Did you guys just share texts?? Did Paul forward over Kendra’s text to Mark? Or did he think it was a text that was sent to both of them, but then realized too late that it was only meant for him? Or did Paul feel bad for stepping on his friend, Mark, taking his girl, and so “bow-ed out” by giving the text to Mark?

Either way… you know the rule of “Don’t Kiss and Tell”, so how about the rule “Don’t text and tell”??

I guess nowadays with technology, it’s hard to differentiate what’s public and what’s private. But a text message is somewhat like a brief and quick email. If it wasn’t a mass text, it wasn’t meant for everyone to read. How would it seem if you were showing a personal email to other people? And you were forwarding a personal email to other friends? It would malicious intent or trying to make the email-er look bad. So similarly, when you receive a text message… WHY WOULD YOU SHOW EVERYONE?! Especially to the guy who was trying to get that girl? Were you… gloating? That’s even worse. Being ignorant and dumb is one thing… but gloating and trying to rub it into someone’s face is just plain arrogant and mean.

Anyhow, I get a friend who is completely confused. And thinking maybe she texted the wrong person (but she didn’t, after double and triple checking).Then not really understanding Paul’s actions.

People always say that girls are complicated and confusing. Not so. As girls, we were very straight forward in this situation, no games, no guessing. She was interested in Paul, she made that clear. She was not interested in Mark, she also made that clear. So, Paul, what’s your deal? If you’re not interested, you can a. not respond, or b. explain that you’re not interested. Showing your buddy Mark the text… now I really can’t decipher this one.

Solution? Play dumb.

“Wait, I’m confused. Who is this!?”

Go, Kendra!! 🙂


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