Overstaying your welcome

Hilarious story. Please comment your theory about what happened.

Sara and Brian meet one night, and Brian ends up staying over at Sara’s house. Come the next morning, he says they should grab lunch. So Sara moves her morning meeting to accommodate the lunch. But Brian is taking forever to wash up and get ready. Sara think it’s cute, so she doesn’t rush him. They grab lunch, and Sara has a party to go to that evening, Brian wonders if he can come along. Sara happily agrees and says he’s more than welcome to. Brian wants to stop by his place, so he can get a change of clothes and pick up some things. They go by his place, she realizes it’s a cute apartment, but he has no internet or tv. She finds it strange, since he says he’s lived there for 3 years. But he’s a writer, so she shrugs it off. Later that night, they were with a bunch of friends after the evening party. As they sit around, Brian says he needs to stop by this store for some information, and will be back in 20 minutes. He ends up coming back after an hour. Apparently, he went back to his apartment again. Sara finds it strange, but whatever.

That night, they watching replays of the world cup games, and end up just falling asleep on the couch. This is now the second night in a row that he’s stayed over. They’ve also now spent over 24 hours straight together. Sara is slightly suspicious, and also is starting to get annoyed at Brian. The next morning, a good world cup game is on. He asks to watch it on her tv. Sara agrees, since she wanted to see the game as well. Brian runs out to by Sara breakfast during half time. Sweet. Right?

Actually, not really. He comes back with amazing French breakfast pastries, yes. But also a bag from CVS. While he was out, he also bought a pack of 3 toothbrushes, floss, and deodorant. WHAT?!

Ok, Sara is getting a bit weirded out, but thought maybe this guy just wanted to freshen up really badly. Then she spotted that he had brought along his phone charger. Oh! So last night he had run back to his house to grab his charger. Had he expected to stay over?

After the game, Sara had to go to work, and was figuring out how to kick Brian out. He was using her computer to surf the internet and check his email. She’s starting to grow impatient and a bit suspicious. She tells him she has to go to work, and he really needs to leave. She tries to take her computer back from him. He takes forever getting his things together. As he doesn’t seem to be leaving, she is now frantically texting her friends asking how to get out of this situation. She attempts to just walk around the house and pretend she’s walking out, since she was working from home today. She’s now just cleaning around the house, and trying to show him that she wants him out.

She’s fuming, “Maybe he’s using me for my internet and tv. Such a moocher!” She hands him the toothbrush that he opened to use. “Can I leave it here?” he asks. Sara is caught off guard and doesn’t know how to answer. “Um, I don’t really feel comfortable having other people’s toothbrushes lying around my house, ” she tries to make an excuse. In reality? She just never wants to see him again. So he can either save a toothbrush, or have it thrown out later. “Can you just hide it somewhere?” he asks. She turns around, shrugs, and puts it on the sink. He finally leaves, after she politely lines up his shoes at the door. He walks out, she turns back around, and chucks the toothbrush in the trashcan.

She goes onto facebook, and finds out that he’s listed as “In a Relationship”. She’s shocked and weirded out. Feeling horrible that she may have been with another woman’s boyfriend, she calls him to verify. He says he’s not very good at using facebook and doesn’t know how to hide that info, because that was from a relationship that has ended since February. She says she’ll text him or something later. She never responds.

Few days later, Brian texts Sara that he’s sorry and he’s gotten back in touch with his old girlfriend, and hope that she has a good life. Sara is completely confused with Brian’s odd behavior. Did he not get the message that she almost physically threw him out of the house? Did he not catch that she didn’t want his toothbrush anywhere near her house, let alone her sink? Did he not notice that she could care less if they ever talked again (aka, not text or call)? So what’s the point in this sudden message?

She chuckles, and politely says that’s it’s ok, she actually wasn’t planning on seeing him again. No harm done.

Few days later, Brian texts back that his old girl friend was just faking to get back together. And he wants to see Sara again.
Sara deletes his number and messages. Good job, girl!

Ok, your take?

Brian wants free internet and tv again. He’s a broke writer and wants to mooch.

Brian was humiliated, so faked that his girl friend wanted to get back together, to see if Sara would care. Plan failed.

Brian isn’t over the ex yet, but wants to start moving on, but can’t really do it.

Brian is way to eager to move in with someone. Anyone. Maybe Sara, maybe the ex. Maybe the next girl on the corner.

I have no idea. Oh Philadelphia and their crazy peoples. Thoughts? Guesses?


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