I met someone this morning. He lives on the 6th floor. I live on the 8th floor. His younger sister just graduated from my undergraduate university, and my younger brother just graduated from his undergraduate university. We are now both doing our graduate studies in Philadelphia. Weird. We’re both Steelers fans and understand the significance of the 412.

We talked as we walked from Rittenhouse to University City. He was hilarious and fun.

I was interested in possibly moving to his apartment, since his lease ends in September, as does mine. I want a larger living room, and his unit has a larger living room. But then this means? Yep. He’s leaving Philly in September.

Ah well, just my luck. Would’ve been fun to get to know him more. But at least it gives me pick me up for the day, knowing that there are people who are so similar to me and have so much in common! Talking to him was so easy, it was like we could read each other’s minds. Breath of fresh air from the usual hum drum of guys that I usually meet. Breath of fresh hope.


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