Can I list you as my emergency contact?

This line, so commonly used between parents and children, husbands and wives, boyfriends and girlfriends.

But what about now? In such a globalized society when our parents may not be in the same city, even country as we work in. And what about when we’re single? No boyfriend or finance or husband? Who can we ask to be our emergency contact?

1. They have to be close by.
2. They have to be dependable.
3. You know they’ll come to your aid and care for you in case of emergency.
4. You trust them.

This request is much different from the request: “Can you write me a recommendation letter?” or “Can I list you as a reference?”

To be listed as someone’s emergency contact signifies trust and dependency. As much as it’s a big responsibility, it’s also an honor and commitment that you give the friend when you answer: Yes.

Yes, I’ll be your emergency contact! 🙂


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