Handbook to dating/relationships

Dating can get so complicated. If we go in chronological order, problems come from: where to meet people, who to ask out and how to ask them out, where to take them out for the date, how to act during the first date, how to say goodbye, do you call back after, who calls first, when and how to schedule the second date, who pays, how many dates count as something more than just casual, how to make that transition from just seeing each other to boyfriend/girlfriend, how long before people move in, to move in or not to move in (?!), when to propose, when to pressure the other to make a lifelong commitment, how to propose, what about cheating?, what about rebounds?, and breakups?!?!, OMG!

There are so many issues! Let’s just go look it up in the Handbook of Dating! Perfect!

I wish there were one…

My mind blows up just thinking about all these issues. If we were to talk about each of them, we would spend days and days, pages and pages on this blog… And by the way, this isn’t even touching the tip of the iceberg when we get into marriage and children. (Finances? In laws? Children/Parenting? Career vs Family? Priority? Division of labor in the house? etc etc…)


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