Did you know that you can make a bad impression in 5 minutes?

My girl friend met a guy online, and decided to trade numbers to try to have a phone conversation after emailing back and forth for a few weeks. She called after work, “Hello,” she says.
“What is UP?” he excitedly answers. She describes the answer as a jumpy little juvenile puppy (though he’s 33). She brushes it off, and answers the question, talking about her day and what she’s up to.

When she finishes, he says again “so.. what’s up?”

?! What?! Did we miss something? Didn’t she just answer that question? Don’t you have anything else to say?
Ok, so maybe he’s just a bit nervous. So she chuckles a bit, and asks him how his day was.

“I didn’t go to work today… because I just didn’t feel like it.”

What? Ok, that doesn’t sound very promising, more like irresponsible and lazy. She tries to ask a few more questions, “Oh, so what did you do the whole day?’ The guy answers, “I made my first meal at my apt.”

My friend thinks in her head: Wait… so you’re immature, lazy, and you can’t take care of yourself…

The guy continues, “so… what are you doing now?” She answers “I’m walking home from work.”

“Ohh, I can’t really do that. You know, the whole walking and talking on the phone,” he answers.

My friend is mortified. OMG, she thinks, how do you say to someone: You seemed great on your profile, but then you opened your mouth……

Thankfully, the phone call got dropped (did someone say AT&T?) and she didn’t have to continue this painful conversation. (editor’s note: the guy did txt her, but she just brushed it off).

Ladies and gents, please think about what you’re saying before you say it. You can make a horrid impression in less than 5 minutes… Granted, it makes a great story and a funny ordeal, but not only is my girl friend disappointed by your lack of intelligence and tact, you also walked away looking/sounding like a fool.


One thought on “Did you know that you can make a bad impression in 5 minutes?

  1. How funny! But poor guy. And poor guys who lose our interest in the first 5 mins because they say dumb things. A lot of them can’t help it. Thanks for sharing…your friend’s story. Hah. Anywho, have a great day and I’ll look to read some more. – Intrepidity

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