Trainers are your superheroes

I went into Bellevue’s Sporting Club. I went for some gym time and some classes and a massage.

Honestly, I haven’t been a fitness gym much. I used to be an athlete and did a lot of my conditioning on the courts and fields.

Anyhow, so I’m in their fancy fitness room with hundreds of brand new hi-tech equipment. But at a complete loss.

I walk up to the help desk, where there were about 4-5 trainers, and asked for help.

For the next 30 minutes, my trainer walked me through various equipment and taught me how to use them, and how many repititions to do, etc. He made it look so easy! And was so helpful in tailoring something just for me! It was great!

And I left the gym, truly thankful that God created trainers. They really can be your hero just for one day!


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