The powers of a psychic

A woman comes up to my friend and tells her: “You have many enemies, because they’re jealous of you. And you’re heart has been broken before. You need to move on out of the sadness of that man in your life.”


That’s so vague. Any woman in her late twenties early thirties will have had at least one heart break before, and if we assume they’re straight, the “man in your life” can be: death of a loved one (father, brother, friend, mentor, etc), heartbreaks (boyfriends, crushes, unrequited love, etc), ideal/imaginary boyfriend/husband.

So no, she’ not really a psychic, she just knows how to generalize most humans, better yet, most woman.

And my friend, so amazed how “accurate” that psychic is, now has an appointment to see her this week.

Sigh~ seriously?! She’s just stealing your money. Those few sentences are so applicable to almost everyone. It’s like reading the zodiac or horoscope, and you’re like, “oh ya, that’s totally me” (and on the sentences that don’t apply to you, you just brush it off as a minor mistake/incongruous). Until you read all 12 of them, and you’re like, “wait a second, I can relate to all of them!”

I had a friend who would write the horoscopes for a local paper. She told me that she just made things up every week, just had to make sure they were vague and general so people could relate to them.



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