First date jitters

I was out with some girl friends for a farewell party, and we noticed a couple next to us that were probably on their first date (or maybe first few dates). The girl was flipping her hair and giggling, the guy was earnestly trying to make conversation.

Everything was going “fine”. That is… until my friend at the end of our party decides to cut into their conversation.

Not really sure how they started, but she first says to the girl “Are you guys on a date? You look really cute together!” The girl was soo ecstatic, they kept talking. When the guy came back from the bathroom, the three of them kept talking, and eventually shared their fries with us. Finally, our group was about to leave to go to another place. And we were poking fun at our friend outside the restaurant. But she told us that they had exchanged business cards with the couple, and she was going to send them her resume.

“Being nosy really pays off! I’ve been looking for a job for over a year!”

So… I guess everyone gets really nervous on the first few dates. As long as it’s not during the dinner, I think when someone breaks the ice, it’s sometimes very appreciated and welcomed. First date jitters with that couple helped my friend land an “in” into the company and job she’s been wanting for a long time.



One thought on “First date jitters

  1. That’s a job well done. You know, the best job opportunities are never advertised in the papers, this is one unique way to find such an opportunity.

    Grt blog you have here, don’t freak out if the blog hit has spiked unusually…clicked just about all the links here 🙂


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