When a “lady” talks about her ovaries

then you’re no longer a lady…

Who does this?! I must just be unlucky and running into many customers with horrible ideas for conversation topics (or have gotten overly intoxicated over some dinner drinks. sad when people don’t have self control.)

We were at Continental Roof Deck and the next table over was very loud. At first, when we just down, we didn’t notice yet. But the one of the 4 people, started talking very loudly. Suddenly, she was chastising another male friend (saying that he doesn’t use his “man parts” in a masculine way, whatever that means). She loudly says, “My ovaries has more testosterone when I’m ovulating than he ever does!”

Our table overheard this comment, and got quite uncomfortable, as she was yelling and shouting and spewing things out left and right. Of course, it didn’t help that her table thought the comment was quite inappropriate but funny, and laughed. That egged this 35+ lady to continually repeat the same line… (c’mon, be more creative). I smell smoke. Great. Now she’s smoking. And yelling, and being completely inappropriate with more bad ovarian jokes and vulgar vocabulary.

One of the guy’s at her table got so uncomfortable, that he asked for the check, and left before all of the other 3 did.

I think the woman just embarrassed her sober friend (or coworker) who still has some dignity left.

Don’t talk about your ovaries, ladies. It might be funny once. But not when you’re yelling it and being over the top and repeating an over-told line 10+ times.

She said she should be a comedian. I think she should be an ogre.


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