Things that make you sound horrible at a table

Telling a story that you called you husband as you were driving smashed drunk on I-76…. not a good story to tell… reflects poorly on your decisions. As you flirt with your colleagues and coworkers, you talk about your husband. Then let on that you have a daughter. Are you just a miserable wife and mom?!

As you endanger every one else with your drunk driving? Stay out till midnight on a Wednesday night with coworkers as you lean in on them and hug them and touch them wayyy too much. and are getting way too drunk… How are you proud of this behavior? Illegal behavior, too, might I add.

As you share your drunk driving experience loudly in a restaurant. not cool. Someone should arrest her.

or at least use a taser on her…

I think that’s what we should start doing when people make bad decisions (like DUI’s) in Philadelphia… especially ones who are coming in from the suburbs. Both Phila and NJ suburbs…


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