Don’t forget about Mom!

So aside for pushing out work deadlines, arranging social events for 13,000 people in Philadelphia, teaching and mentoring college students, I thankfully did not forget that it’s almost Mother’s Day!

After a crazily overwhelming day at work, I remembered to call a florist in Taiwan to place an order for my mother for Mother’s Day. Had to place the call after 9pm here, so it would correspond to Taiwan’s working hours.

I put down the phone after chatting with the florist in Chinese. Whew. I feel exhausted. I feel like I’m juggling 50 million things at once. Even when I get up to walk to the restroom, I going through lists in my head, various things to complete and to-do lists when I come back from the bathroom.

In the midst of chaos, I’m happy for international long distance calls, fast internet, Google (I love you, Google), online maps and directories, people and businesses checking email and taking cell phone calls 24/7. Yay for technology!

Yay for helping me make Mother’s Day happen, even from across the otherside of the globe!

(yay for my mom, who’s a marriage therapist. I know, I’m a lucky girl 🙂 yay!)


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