Delayed responses to texts? Huge turnoff.

Recently, two of my friends started seeing each other. However, the girl would sometimes be texting with the speed of light, i.e. responding texts within 1-2 minutes. But other times, she would not respond until 3-4 days later. This really frustrated the guy.”Is she playing games? What is going on? Is she just playing me?”

In the end, the guy pulled out, “whatever, this delayed response thing is really killing it. Forget it. Done.” And that was it. And the girl? She has no idea why it all stopped. Hmm, it’s not rocket science, darling. Let me explain.

If you’re enthusiastically responding one day, and then texting back at glacier speed the other, chances are, things look quite strange and inconsistent. Key word being INCONSISTENT.

Usually, if you give a reason or explain, inconsistency is accepted. If this inconsistency happens once in awhile, that’s okay as well. However, if the ratio is something like 2:1 or every other time, or weekdays to weekends, then things start becoming quite frustrating and suspicious.

The other person will be thinking:
1. Is there someone else?
2. Did I piss you off?
3. Are you playing hard to get?
4. !@#$% ?!?!!?!?

Other than #2, if it’s 1, 3, and 4, people usually will throw up their hands and walk away. If it’s #2, and the other person has no idea why, usually there are two responses:
a. Ask why they made you upset, and try to apologize/make amends.
b. Think you’re way too sensitive and psycho, and block you for life.

(ok, yes, I realize both are extremes and it’s actually a continuum.. but anyway.)

So… if you’re a guy or a girl who randomly texts back on time or way delayed, stop. Especially if you’re interested in this person. It’s a huge turnoff and you’re communicating the wrong message. Unless, of course, you want them to think: 1, 2, 3, or 4.

Oh, right. and what happened to my friends? Turns out the girl was seeing other guys. Not just one other guy, several other guys all at once. And was just stringing him along. Luckily, he caught on way early (from the texting response) and was done with her. Other guys? Not so bright. Not so lucky.


One thought on “Delayed responses to texts? Huge turnoff.

  1. He is wise to cut it off. He could either wait until she makes her mind but that might be a time and energy waste and he might end up hurt in the end.

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