Guys, we apologize for letting you wait outside the bathrooms.

I was at a bar and restaurant. Saw a guy just standing by himself outside the restroom. I think he’s been standing there for awhile. I went in, saw a girl at the mirror. “Ahh,” I think, “He must be waiting for her. Ok, that makes sense.”

A few minutes later, I come out, and she’s still there. Now she’s texting on her phone.

I finish washing my hands, adjusting my hair/clothes, whatever.. and curiously peek over at her from the reflection of the mirror. Now she’s standing in front of the full length mirror. Not really sure what she’s up to now.

I can’t keep staying in the bathroom. I have nothing left to do. (unlike this busy bathroom girl…)

I walk out. The poor guy is still standing outside, waiting. I sit back down with my friends. Few minutes later, I turn around to peer at the entrance of the bathroom. THE GUY IS STILL WAITING!!!

Finally, they leave together.


Why would she make him wait so long?
Ok, let’s break this down.

1. He’s her boyfriend-
Ok, this is the easier scenario. She’s just really ignorant and not very thoughtful. The poor guy is waiting by himself, it’s boring and he’s just standing there, with nothing to do. Either the girlfriend asked him to wait for her there, or they were about to leave, so he no longer has a table or whatever to wait at. Regardless, if your boyfriend is waiting outside, why are you taking your sweet time, moving at glacier pace? To double check yourself in 3 mirrors, text on your phone, do whatever it is you’re still doing in the mirror….?

2. He’s NOT her boyfriend-
So this gets complicated.
a. She’s super nervous because she really really likes him. So in double checking everything about herself. She’s texting her friends, because she’s so excited but nervous and scared, and she needs the encouragement and comfort of her friends. Meanwhile, she’s too overwhelmed by excitement to realize that he’s actually waiting for her outside, and this is a total turn-off.

b. She’s interested in this guy, but there’s someone else. So she’s taking her time, since apparently he worships her, so why not make him squirm a bit. In the meantime, she has her options, so she texts the other guy, and she’s loitering in the bathroom to figure out what she wants to do. Go meet up with the other guy? or leave with this poor guy standing outside the bathroom.

c. She’s completely uninterested in this guy. And is trying to lose this guy, using all forms of hinting possible (think: How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days). She takes forever in the bathroom, tries to make him annoyed, uncomfortable, etc. Everything she can possibly do without actually just telling him straight up.

Honestly, ladies, when there’s a gu waiting outside for you, even if he’s annoying, and even if you’re not interested, please don’t make him wait for 20-30 minutes by himself outside. This is why girls are infamous for “taking forever”, which is not always true.

Meanwhile, guys, we apologize we make you wait. Sometimes, it’s simply because we ran into a friend in the bathroom, or had to take a private call, etc. But other times, it could be because we’re trying to send signals, or because we’re acting shady (two-timing… or multiple ones)…

So, the bathroom trick. Honest mistake and just some inconsiderate selfishness/self-absorbedness? Or something else?


2 thoughts on “Guys, we apologize for letting you wait outside the bathrooms.

  1. Personally unless my date has some sort of personal emergency (rag being one, though why are they going out on their rag anyway?), I refuse to wait for more than 5 minutes from the moment they enter the actual stall. Mutual respect is pretty important, and if I’m not given my half, I take the “He’s Just Not that Into You” stance.

  2. To the respective women of

    2a) A twenty minute waiting time will damage your chances more than not looking perfect with almost all men.

    2b) Stop being a bitch.

    2c) Stop hinting and say what you mean. One awkward moment can save all parties a lot of time and frustration.

    (Generally, concerning the sending of signals: Men tend not to send signals and therefore tend not to listen for them. Further, the signals different women send can be very different—which means that the right reaction to signal S from woman 1 may be different to the right reaction to signal S from woman 2.)

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