Why do you guys and girls tear each other down like that?

Recently, I met a guy in the business school. Great guy. Funny, smart, nice and gentle. At the same time, I met a group of these business students, which included girls as well. These girls somehow took an immediate liking to me, and have somehow adopted me to be their new favorite little sister. This should be no problem, right?


The girls tell me all this dirt on this guy. That he’s a slut, and he’s a complete jerk. That only use women for sex. etc etc… the dirt list goes on, with actual “testimonies” from their friends.
OMG~ I’ve only known the whole crew for less than 2 days, and already, the dirt is coming out.

I see the guy later on, and confront him about what I’ve heard, and all these stories that are quite compelling. He is very upset and annoyed. He insists that he had told these girls up front that he isn’t interested in a relationship with them. And that both people were supposedly on the same page. He’s very honest with me. Tells me the same stories, but from his side. He tells me the exact friends that these girls had brought up to me were crazy, had issues, etc etc. I sense the frustration. I feel bad for him. But at the same time, all this drama?! What the hell? I’ve only known you guys for 2 days!

Then he proceeds to tell me that these girls that have taken me in as their “sister” are sluts and sleep around. And they’re just bitter because none of the guys they sleep with actually want to date them. And so they’re about to graduate with their MBA from Wharton, and they still haven’t found a husband. Thus they are pissed off and bitter.


Ok, so let me get this straight. The guys call the girls sluts and desperate for a husband, and the girls call the guys man-whores and jerks who treat women like crap.

WTH, peoples!! You guys are around your 30’s!! What is with all this battering and slandering! Why do you guys do this to each other??

Why do guys and girls do this to each other?

(rest of the story to come…)


One thought on “Why do you guys and girls tear each other down like that?

  1. Because the religion of feminism has taught women to give sex without conscience or a relationship. Women need to learn to with hold sex until she is in a committed monogamous relationship rather than giving sex and hoping the guy will want to keep her.

    Women also need to make it safe for a man to share anything with her even something negative. When women hear anything remotely perceived as negative, she immediately goes on the attack and teaches the guy that he must never ever do that again. All she does is teach the guy to keep his feelings to himself seething inside.

    Another problem with women is that they don’t give their all in bed. There are all kinds of “little girl inhibitions” about things that she refuses to do for her man in bed. Then there is lingerie, men are visual creatures and like seeing their women in lacy, frilly and sexy lingerie. 85% of the panties sold are virginal deadly dull white nylon panties with no lace. When the guy asks the woman to wear sexier lingerie, he gets comments like: “I am not wearing that slutty stuff.” This of course conveys the message to the guy, that the woman is virtous, virginal and that he is sleezy, dirty and wrong.

    Is it any wonder why more guys don’t respect more women and why guys resist getting into a relationship?

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