Non-single guys: Why do you flirt? and girls: why do you flirt back?

Ok, strange question? Let me back up and explain why.

Dennis, great guy, beautiful and on his way to graduate from medical school and make some big bucks. Smart, funny, charming. And oh my goodness, does he get so much attention from girls, and he flirts right back, just as strongly. He seeks out the fun cute girls and talks to them all. Such an attractive guy.

But oh my, you could never have guessed from his behavior that he’s had a long term girlfriend for the longest time. And it’s not long distance either. She’s right here, in Philadelphia, and moreover, in the same school.

Dennis, why in the hell are you flirting with other girls then? Is she not enough for you? Does she just not “cut it” for you?

And girls, why are you flirting with him? Don’t you realize that this is the most unpromising, no-potential for future ever?

You spend your whole night fawning after him, talking with him. Meanwhile, missing out on all the other opportunities around you (you know, the other SINGLE men). And here’s the punch: at the end of the night, he goes home. Not with you. Nope. He goes home to his girlfriend. And you? Well, you’re still by yourself, wasted your whole evening, and missed out on meeting new people, guys and girls alike. Oh, wait, but you did do something good, you boosted his ego, you helped him feel better about himself.

Girls, you’re the only loser in this situation. You gave him your full attention, and he grabs it right away, but then he goes home to another, and you’re still by yourself. Stop dreaming. He will not leave his girlfriend for you. No. He flirts with every girl (even ones with boyfriends). I don’t know why he’s flirting with so many girls if he has a girlfriend. But the main thing is: you need to stop giving him your attention and time. You have so many more things you can be doing.

Stop flirting back with the guy who isn’t single and is overly eager to flirt. In the end, you’ll just be chasing an empty dream. And you don’t want to be a home-wrecker, so you just faithfully follow him around, like a puppy. Stop being the puppy.

He chose her, not you. There’s a reason. Remember: “we’re not the exception, we’re the rule” (from “He’s Just Not Into You”).


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