Guys: Why do you wait 1, 3, 5 days before calling?

Yes, it’s the age-old rule of calling a girl.

If you get a girl’s number, you don’t call her until 1 day later, or 3 days later, and if you’re really controlled, 5 days later.

Oh yea, that’ll make you look really awesome as a guy.

Whoever told you that didn’t want you to get the girl. (Except  now, the girls have clued in on this tactic, so we can count, and by how many days you wait, we also have a theory of what type of guy you are).

When you get a number, and you don’t call… here are some inner thoughts.

Let’s first divide it into two categories. 1. the girl is interested. 2. the girl wasn’t interested, but was willing to give you a try. (there’s no #3. sorry. If she wasn’t interested, she wouldn’t have given you a number, or at least a real one…)

1. She’s actually interested. But you’re an idiot and don’t call until you do the 1,3,5 rule. Consequence?

a. She thinks your not interested. She’s kinda bummed, but she only knew you for 2 hours, so… she forgets you.
b. She wonders if you’re playing that rule thing, about waiting 1,3,5  days. She figured you were cool, but now rethinks her judgment, since you’re a guy that plays “mind games”. So, nevermind. She’s moving on.
c. She figures you were too drunk to even remember that you took her number. Oh well. Out of sight, out of mind.

2. She’s wasn’t that interested, but was willing to get to know you more. (aka. give you a shot)

a. You don’t call. She wasn’t that keen. She completely forgets meeting you.
b. She wasn’t that keen, now figures you’re a jerk, who either plays games or was sleazy. You’re out. She’s not interested.
c. Any chance you had to impress her, you lost it.

So… by waiting, and playing these games, actually only hurts you. Especially to those awesome girls you find? And you really want to impress and take out? But you decide to play this “waiting game”? Guys, c’mon. Seriously.

If you think she’s an awesome girl, don’t you think other people will, too? And chances are, as you wait around, trying to “play hard to get”, you’re actually “un-impressing” her in the process, as well as allowing other guys (who are more straightforward, with no games attached) to get access to her, and swoop her right out from under your nose. You lose in this game.

That is, unless you’re certain and you’re all that and more. Then by all means, cards are in your hands. You call the shots, and can call her back whenever you want.

But if you’re a cool honest guy, that just met a girl, who may be the girl of your dreams… well.. at least kind of an awesome girl… then you might want to pick up that phone and call/txt her as soon as you can. Don’t let her forget you. Because trust me, “out of sight, out of mind” applies here.


5 thoughts on “Guys: Why do you wait 1, 3, 5 days before calling?

  1. I feel your pain and empathize with it. Guys have a tough time because we live in an age of rampant misandry (reverse sexism by women against men). We don’t even know how to be men because we are told that we are bad, wrong, misogynistic etc.
    A guy does not want to come off desperate, or too eager. He is afraid to show his real feelings. He has been told by his buddies to hold off.

    So while I understand your frustration, how about giving the guy a second chance if he actually calls. Check him out to see if he is truly a jerk or just confused on how to deal with women. Just saying. Peace and blessings on you. John Wilder

  2. absolutely! who ever you are you are wise beyond your years. grow up all you ‘men’ who do this, playing games is for kids, dumb kids

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