“Fearless” Colbie Caillat

“Fearless” – Colbie Caillat

Just started listening to her songs. Love the beat to this song and the arrangement.

The lyrics reminds me of both the cheating ex back in July as well as this current break up. I guess break ups, no matter how different, evoke similar responses and emotions.

The current break up, this guy was so fearful of being hurt, ever. I understand that everyone is fearful of being hurt in relationships, but at some point, you take that risk, and shut your eyes, and hope that it will be for the best. It’s like going bungee jumping. Who’s not momentarily scared when standing on that edge?

But he refuses to take risks and is so terrified of being hurt, that he was unable to really have a healthy relationship. Of course, when the break up came along, he went even more crazy, cutting off all ties, dropping all my things with the doorman, blocking me on every type of online media. I realize that we’re both hurting, I will respect his need for space and distance, and the swift avoidance of any possible pain. It just makes me sad how drastic the measures were. I thought we had a very calm and amiable break up. So to see how he’s behaving afterwards is very heartbreaking and frustrating and sad.

But this song sounds really close to how I’m thinking: “if this is how you say goodbye, then this is how it ends, I’m alright that”.

But in the end, it says “There’s nothing you can do to me, there’s nothing you can do to burn me”, and it’s true! If God is my protector and cares for me, there really is NOTHING anyone can do to break me down and burn me. Because our God will provide and protect. It may hurt, but I will still be alright. From the famous song Trading our SorrowsI’m pressed but not crushed persecuted not abandoned; Struck down but not destroyed; I’m blessed beyond the curse for His promise will endure; and His joy’s gonna be my strength”

Here are the lyrics for Colbie Caillat:

If that’s the way you love
You’ve got to learn so much
If that’s the way you say goodbye
Then this is how it ends
And I’m alright within
Never gonna see me cry
Cause I’ve cried

So go on go on and break my heart
I’ll be okay
There’s nothing you can do to me
That’s ever going to burn me


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