Yes, have my weak moments (when it rains)

Even though I know that breaking up was the right thing to do, but I still have moments of weakness when I want him back and want to go back. 😦 Sometimes I waver when I think back on my reasoning for breaking up. Most of the days, I’m happy. But days like today, when it’s raining and dreary outside, I feel like my head is in a cloud of rain. Sometimes I find that peace of mind, but then somehow my mind wanders and I miss him again.

Ohh, and Colbie Caillat sings out what I’m thinking again!

Droplets – Colbie Caillat feat. Jason Reeves

I’m leaving you
I’m not sure if that’s what I should do
It hurts so bad
I’m wanting you but cant go back
Trying to find, to find
That all elusive piece of mind
Stuck here somehow
Shrouded beneath my fear
And now I don’t need it

Cuz I’m walkin down this road alone
and figured all I’m thinking bout is you, is you my love
And my head is in a cloud of rain
and the world it seems so far away
and I’m just waiting to fall
and sink into your tears
You are like the raindrops, the raindrops falling down on me


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