Friends or ulterior motives?

I have a good friend that has stood by me through two breakups (joking, teasing, and giving me grief, nonetheless..) But anyway, we tell each other about going out on dates, and current relationship, etc. However, lately, if I point out a guy that I think is really nice and thoughtful, he’ll put down the guys, saying something along the lines of “whatever, you’re not attracted physically, so it’ll never work out.”

Granted, this brings us to the huge debate of what guys and girls are looking for.

There are guys that are so sweet and thoughtful that they make me melt, just by observing their interactions with other people and their family. They may not be the hottest guy in the room, but their personality and heart is so attractive! I think if they look decently attractive, then it’s fine.

Meanwhile, my guy friend believes that it doesn’t matter how nice and beautiful she is inside, if he doesn’t find her “hot” then it’s a no go.

Obviously, we do not agree… but perhaps that’s the difference.

Sorry, that was a tangent.

So then my girl friend points out that he seems to be sabotaging the guys that have currently appeared around me and that I should be careful. (She even brought the possibility that he might have been waiting for me to break up. what?!)

Hmm, I should I approach this? Observe a bit more and then gently explain? But I enjoy his friendship and his camaraderie. It’s like we’re fellow soldiers, battling and exploring through the jungle of dating!

I don’t want to lose my home-boy!

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