My Valentine’s Day

Today is Valentine’s Day (and Chinese New Year!) 🙂

After church, we went to pass out hot chocolate, tea, cookies and brownies to the homeless people around the city of Philadelphia. This was our church’s way of celebrating love, by trying to use our actions to express God’s love to those around us in our communities.

We went into rail stations, subway stations, up and down the main city streets. We met many people, we left cookies and hot chocolate for many that had fallen asleep in their mobile homes.

One of the last guys we met, told us a long story about his life and his family, and his house in Norristown. It made me realize that aside from the physical foods and needs, all they really want is for people to listen to them talk, to have some human interactions.


We just finished and gotten back home from church.

I think this Valentine’s Day has been a meaningful one.

Seeing people’s face light up again and again as we gave them treats and drinks. But more, when we talked, to hear their heartbreaking story, and not understanding half of it, but still trying to catch up and follow their story. It gave us all a lot to think about.

Yes, today was good. But it was just a one time thing. What about next week? Next month?

We heard some heartbreaking stories. I’m thinking that a good dynamic team to do this type of outreach is a team of 4, one medical/healthcare person, one law person, one talker (good conversation starter) and one compassionate listener that can easily put people at ease. (Hopefully we’re all compassionate listeners.)

Wondering what happened today. And if anything changed.


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