How you start the relationship, is it important?

I have friends pondering over the value and sustainability of their romantic relationship.

We got into a discussion:

How did your relationship start? Why are you with the person you’re with right now?

We got some varying answers:
1. We have a lot of fun together.
2. We were really good friends, and were spending so much time together, it just seemed like the natural step.
3. We admire each other and how we both love life.
4. One person pursued the other, and the other was interested as well, so decided to give it a shot.
5. We have so many common interests.
6. We are practically the same person! We have the exact same background and beliefs and values, or religion and faith.

So… does it really matter how the relationship starts?

Some people say yes. Reasons? Because that’s the foundation of the relationship. That’s the basis of the whole thing. That’s where it relationship was born into existence, so therefore, it’s what defines the relationship and its development there on out.

Others say no. Why? Because though that was what peaked the initial interest and attraction, many things change and develop over time. Both sides get to know each other more deeply and intimately, but they also get to know themselves more through their partner. The initial thing may be what brought them together, but what happens later on is what builds and defines the relationship.

So what do you think? The start of the relationship is the seed of the plant? So the fruit and color and height is determined and defined by the type of seed (its genetic component). Or is the start of the relationship just the means of bring people together, kind of like the wind which helps mate and breed various seeds, thus not knowing what type of plant/fruit it will result in.


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