Gift Ideas for your boyfriend’s parents

So after spending Christmas with my boyfriend’s parents, and laboriously obsessing over what to give, I finally gave this:
1. Chopstick set in a fancy wrap case.
2. Chocolates from Hokkaido, the northern island of Japan.
3. An Espirit scarf/wrap, silk mixed cotton, beautiful blend of color and embroidery.

So their tradition is to sit around the Christmas tree and open presents together.

My boyfriend has an older brother, and his girlfriend has been around the family for 3 years. So she has a close relationship to the parents, and so I was earnest to learn what she gave and got as presents for the parents.

This is what I saw:

She gave:
1. Slippers
2. Pajama set
3. Scarves/Gloves set
4. Mp3 player
5. Socks

This is what her sons gave her:
1. Sweaters
2. Jewelry
3. Perfume (though she didn’t like it)
4. Pyrex set
5. Wine glass sets

This is what she gave the other girlfriend:
1. Spice set
2. PJs
3. Mugs
4. Lotion/Bath sets
5. Blankets

Ahhh, so this is what they give!

So generic gifts are ok! And it doesn’t have to be overly personalized and laboriously obsessed over.

I see.

Got it.

I’ll remember for next year…

Except, that’s just not my giving style.

I love giving sets, well thought out and designed, etc.

But I guess we’re all different… Oh well. We’ll see.


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