Embarrassed to be practicing? But it pays

On Food Network, they have these cake challenges, where you have to make/build a cake in like.. 10 hours, to fit a theme. Like Edible Ornaments, or Ice Age Movie Theme, or Christmas Season, etc.

So in the “Edible Ornaments” episode, this on contestant said that she practiced hard at home, over and over again. And on some days, she would spend 20 hours / day practicing and preparing for this contest (wow, 4 hours of sleep? I’d die…). There were 4 rounds. She was number 1 for every single round. It was amazing. She was so calm and well paced.

I just was really touched by the fact that she was rewarded for her effort. I think nowadays things sometimes are a bit hay-wire.

1. Many people look for the short cut, the detour, the easy way to get to the top or to finish first. Not always the honest way or the dignified way, but people take it anyway. And when they do win (momentarily, because it eventually will catch up to them) they look back at their other honest opponents, and mock them, saying they’re not “witty” or “savvy” or “coy” enough, and even goes further to say “you just don’t have it within you”.

Cut throat means aggressive and hardworking, but when did it mean dishonest?!

I think that’s a horrible message to send, about ourselves, and to the younger generation (which seems to be the case), that cutting corners and going through “the backdoor” and smart (i.e. deceptive) scheming will help you get on top and win. We sometimes celebrate people who “win at all cost”. But really? when all integrity and morals are out the door? Do we still celebrate that type of success and “win”? Or maybe we’re just materialistic, and all we see is the result, and not the means. But what about that old saying: “The end doesn’t justify the means” ?

Why don’t we just kill of all the poor and old and weak and dumb? Because then we’ll just have rich and young and strong and smart people running the world? Wouldn’t it be a lot easier!? We’re just trying to “make the world a better place”. Yah, sure. Except… it doesn’t justify murder, doesn’t justify that type of thinking.

So why is okay to cheat and lie your way up? Give up any self respect? To sell your soul and along the way, throw in your friends and family as part of the payment, too?

2. People are now sometimes embarrassed that they worked hard to earn to get where they are. Sounds confusing? Let me use a simple example, testing taking.

In college, or high school, or even standardized testing like SATs or GREs. Have you ever heard “that” guy in your class say something like, “Oh my gosh, I totally didn’t study. Dude, I’m totally going to fail.” And then they end up doing super well? And then you find out that he took a prep course, or studied his butt off that summer?

Or maybe that friend of yours, where you’re taking the same course with, and the night before the exam, he tells you, “Dude, I’m totally going to go out drinking. I don’t need to study. It’ll be so easy.” Except you later find out, that he actually had already studied the day(s) before… And of course, he does quite well. And you, if silly enough to believe him, didn’t study (to be like him, “cuz if I go down, at least he’ll be with me”), and silly you, failed the exam and also the class. Dope. Should of studied, regardless what he told you.

Or in sports, when we talk about an athlete. Do we feel more awe with a person that had never practiced the sport/played the sport ever? So he was a born natural? Or the guy that threw a football ever since he was 3?

So why don’t these people just ‘fess up and say that they studied/practiced. A LOT. ?

a. Are they embarrassed that they care so much? So they’re trying to play it cool? (And somehow, going in unprepared is now defined as “cool” ??)
b. Are they trying to act super smart? Like they can ace every test without studying?
Or does being a natural just seem that much cooler/better?
c. Are they trying to overcompensate, because they need to study/practice more than you, so trying to make up for it?
d. Are they actually just malice (and not your friend…) and trying to throw you off? (I truly hope its not this one…)

WHY the cover up? Why are they embarrassed to be preparing and practicing?

If anything, it does not show weakness or incompetence. Quite the contrary. It shows diligence, good planning, responsibilities, and hopefully, it gets (and should be!) rewarded.

But maybe that’s me fighting for that just and fair world… 😦


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