I hate jewelry commercials on tv

It usually is playing on tv. But during holiday season, it is bombarding every single tv station.

That Jared Jewelers commercial? Or that Littman Jewelers commercial of the 2 lovers skating? Or fun little mom and dad commercials from Kay “Every kiss begins with Kay”? (I know you’re humming that line as you read that.)

Now, it’s 100 times more frequent on every channel.

As sweet as it is, it drives me nuts!!

1. Its super awkward when you and a boyfriend are watching tv or a movie, and that commercial comes on. Its like, umm, yah, ehh, ok. As the girl, we may be thinking “Is he getting me jewelry this holiday?” or “Um, I hope he doesn’t think I’m wanting jewelry (or a ring!) for Christmas… I’m not ready, ehh, weird…” or “Is he feeling awkward? Gosh, I hope he doesn’t feel awkward!”
And then the guy might be thinking “Stupid sappy commercials, always pressuring guys to buy jewelry. Must be an ad designed by women, or at least to get women.” or “Um, I hope she’s not thinking that I’m gonna get her jewelry… cuz I’m not.” or “Dang it! Did she want jewelry?! I totally bought the wrong thing. But I’m not ready for the jewelry step yet…” or “…. ” nothing, sometimes guys minds are blank… and they totally just missed that commercial, and you were the only one frettin’.

2. As a girl, I can honestly say, “I DON’T ALWAYS WANT JEWELRY!!!” But those stupid commercials make it look like we want them, always, and we thrive on them, and we feed off of it. NOT TRUE!

3. Okay, we didn’t want it before, but now… you just made us want it! WTH? Now the commercial makes us have false expectations and false hopes of getting jewelry. But I’m a cool girlfriend. I don’t need jewelry, and quite honestly, jewelry is kinda a uncreative gift idea. Stupid commercials! Stupid holiday gift propaganda!!

4. Why does it always have to portray a guy getting a girl jewelry? I live in the 21st century. If I really want something, I can go and get it myself. Especially if it’s jewelry and something that I’m picky about (not talking about the ring, but earrings and necklaces and bracelets, etc.) Jewelry gift story. I make money, I can pay for it, I can pick it. I don’t have to wait for a guy to buy things for me. Girls that make their boyfriends pay for their shopping.
What about a daughter or a son buying their mother jewelry? or friends giving each other gifts for graduation or weddings or some special occasion? Why does jewelry stores only market to guy giving a girl??

5. There are so many other very thoughtful and romantic gifts (more thoughtful than just jewelry). Some which are even more expensive and pricey than jewelry! (Jewelry is such an easy out. You can get it at any mall and for any price range.) For example, a vacation trip? or a car? (yes, that’s probably one awesome gift from a spouse!!) or spa treatment? (much more practical and thoughtful) or… my personal 2 favorites: something that you always wanted, but never really had the time or money to get it/find it; and something that you never expected, but they noticed it (somehow in conversation/nonverbal cues or just has awesome observational skills) and got the perfect thing you wanted/needed.             PS. and it WASN’T jewelry… get the message??


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