What to give your boyfriend’s parents for Christmas?!

Its hard enough finding a gift for you boyfriend for Christmas. But try buying a gift for his parents!!

I’m spending Christmas eve and Christmas Day with his family (since my family is overseas). So as many suggest, if I bring over a bottle of wine, its more of a hostess gift, something that I give on Christmas Eve, when the whole extended family is there.

But what about come Christmas Day? When people are exchanging gifts? I already know the mother is buying me something. I need to find her something!!

Here are some suggestions: (and included are my rebuttals…)

1. Wine
(Yes, I realize its a good choice. And I will bring a bottle as a gift. She likes white wines. But I’ll be giving that to her Christmas Eve, beginning of the Christmas dinner. But what about Christmas Day?)

2. Gift Cards
(Apparently, the boyfriend thinks gift cards are impersonal and lame. So I have to assume that applies to his parents as well.)

3. DVD
(I could get them a Christmas movie. I know they love Christmas DVDs. But how will I know their taste? There are a ton of horrible movies out there!)

4. Coffee / Tea Basket
(She doesn’t drink coffee, but loves her tea. However, she sticks to her Lipton, and is never quite that interested when I introduce her to exotic teas. STEAP tea, anyone? When it costs $6 for 2 ounces of tea… I need to make sure she’ll like it.)

5. Some Calcium Replenishment?
(I know she currently has a calcium deficiency issue, but is gifting someone that too … weird? Overly medical? And overly practical?)

6. Cheese basket
(Once again, this is quite a personal preference…)

7. Nail set
(We always talk about how French manicures always chip and how annoying it is. I told her about these kits where you can fix the tips yourself at home. She says she has shaky hands, and her eyes are going bad…)

8. Homemade Cookies
(Too bad I didn’t think ahead. The one type of cookies I love and bake, I already brought over a tub of them last week for Sunday dinner…)

9. Bath /  Lotion Set
(Sounds super cute and safe. I even have a Victoria Secret coupon for this. However, does it seem to… impersonal? and typical?)

This doesn’t look quite promising. HOPELESS! Maybe I’ll do a mix and match basket? With tea, lotion, cookies, and nail tip fixer?!

Someone once told me to give people what they want, not what they need. But seriously… aren’t we to think practical here too? I don’t want to have my gift re-gifted or shoved in a closet/shelf for 5 years.


2 thoughts on “What to give your boyfriend’s parents for Christmas?!

  1. NO on the calcium replenishment

    mm as for DVDs — maybe an edited version of Love Actually w/o the porn stars? or if they would find that amusing, get them the real thing.
    ORRRR a CLASSIC romcom is You’ve Got Mail with Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan — SO GOOD and it’s kinda Christmasy

    I kinda like the idea of a mix-and-match set.

    how about a scarf? those are useful
    I just got back from the boutique “Ten Thousand Villages” and it had some really nice nepalese silk scarves — they ran around $24 each for the cheaper ones and the nicer ones were $78.

  2. When it comes to Christmas shopping, let’s face it! It’s a jungle out there so it’s best to be prepared. Take a moment to think about what you want, make a list and even write down what shops you want to visit.
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    You should know the gift is not the most important. What matters is your heart. When you send a gift to person who you love, he\she will understand this gift is unique because of you .
    Another suggestion, you can write some warm words in gift card and tell him how you love them. You should enjoy the happy Christmas!

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