Stamps are now $0.44!?

Ok, so a bit of a tangent from the usual, but nevertheless, a rant.

I was in desperate need for stamps. And went to the post office for 20 stamps. “$8.80, please.” Huh? Did I hear wrong. $0.42 x 20 = $8.40. Was this guy trying to trick me? Behind him, I see on the whiteboard written “May 44cents”. I’m assuming that’s early warning for May 2010.

“Um, wait, its still 42 cents. It only becomes 44 cents in May, right?” as I point to the whiteboard behind him. “No, ma’am. That was this year. Postage went up to 44 cents this May.” He looks as me as though I’ve either lost my mind, or am completely uncool for being so “last year”. Wow… where have I been?

I’m getting stamps because, ah, it’s the Christmas season! And I’m sending cards to my favorite college professors, mentors and advisors from church, friends who’ve moved away from Philly, parents and grandparents that are far far away.

Punch of reality.

I guess with my work, students, church, drama in my love-life, I haven’t really noticed this.

Did you!?

I frantically come back to my office and try to Google the stamp prices. And sure enough. I feel like an idiot… especially since I tried to point to the whiteboard. Boo.

And as I usually do, I get a bit addicted looking around for news articles and other edits and talk about the elevated prices in postage. Didn’t find much, except that we are expecting it to be increased again in January. Ugh.


Hope 20 stamps are enough this year.

Maybe I should buy a ton. It technically would work as an investment. Should’ve bought those Forever Stamps back when they were 37 cents!


New Postage Rates In Effect


One thought on “Stamps are now $0.44!?

  1. Wouldn’t recommend buying the stamps for the cheaper price, and stocking up. You’d just end up being annoyed by having to buy and use the $0.01 and $0.02 stamps to make up for the difference.

    The ol’ Postal Service is suffering hard though – rising fuel costs, labor union disputes, and people just using electronic communication more nowadays. Heck, I grew up with a dad who has worked for the Post Office for years, yet I rarely check my own mailbox :\

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