“How I felt about him in the beginning”

So often, we as women base our first impressions of a guy on how we “feel” about him. Then we start dating them, and the feeling changes.

Now, it’s not so much as how the feeling was in the beginning, but more about how and what it changes into later.

Scenario 1.

Two minutes into the conversation, and you’re already head over heels for this guy. You think, “This is it. I’m so madly in love with him.” You guys start dating. And the feeling doesn’t grow stronger, but it doesn’t go any dimmer either. Its a constant feeling. Like a square wave.

How Much You Like Him, Scenario 1

But what does that mean? Is this because your love was just so intense in the beginning that it maxed out? Or is it that it’s a stagnant relationship with no growth, and so the plataeu is not positive, but something like a still puddle, breeding west nile mosquitos?

Scenario 2.

You meet the guy, you like the guy, you date the guy. You’re in love, and then suddenly, everything goes downhill. Looks like a steep mountain.

How Much You Like Him, Scenario 2

How Much You Like Him, Scenario 2

What’s the problem? Maybe the honeymoon phase is over? Back to reality just doesn’t seem so sweet. Maybe the two people are better in LaLa Land and being in reality only strains the relationship. Maybe someone changed? Maybe someone was on their best behavior in the beginning, and now the masks have been removed. It was fun and exciting in the beginning, but maybe breaking up is inevitable?

Scenario 3.

You didn’t like the guy that much, but was curious. You go along, and find yourself liking him more and more and more. You’re in love, and it’s just growing stronger.

How Much You Like Him, Scenario 3

How Much You Like Him, Scenario 3

Why? Why the sudden change in heart? Maybe the guy revealed more about who he is and you realized how precious he is? Or did you get convinced? Or maybe you got brainwashed somewhere along the way, so by playing the part, you start believing the part? Or maybe this is just the rude awakening that often our first impressions and initial judgements aren’t all that accurate. And maybe, just maybe, everyone deserves more than a second chance.


2 thoughts on ““How I felt about him in the beginning”

  1. The 3rd scenario probably describes me the best as a guy.. though I think my line is much steeper than that. Interesting, I tend to be the runner anyways though; the elusive, enigmatic, mysterious one. I’ll have to think on this post, though.

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