Jealousy: How much is too much?

How much jealousy is the right amount? and when is it just too much?

At first sight, a little jealousy is sweet. You wouldn’t want a boyfriend or girlfriend who could care less if you flirted with another person, kissed, or even slept with another person. It’s sweet. It means they care. But when is it crossing the boundaries?

1. One that can’t differentiate between friend or foe. Even though you’ve told them multiple time this is a FRIEND. And you’re not hanging out one on one, but everytime the person appear, even at the same party, you significant other gets all upset. And you end up having to spend the whole night consoling him/her. (and it doesn’t matter that you’ve known the friend for 7 years, and have gone through crazy times together, and this “significant other” has only been in your life for 3 months…)

2. It’s your party. And you have to play host. And you need to make sure everyone who’s at your party is having fun. Your significant other feels neglected. Even though they are your priority, but you were hoping they’d jump in and help invite and welcome all the guests. But they end up sulking in a corner, upset because they accuse you of ignoring them and talking to everyone else.

3. Getting upset about you past. There are things you can’t change. For example dating old exes and other people that they may not approve of, yet this was well before the two of you even met. If they get jealous, it is of your past, and there is nothing you can do. This is getting ridiculous.

4. When you’re just casually dating, and at someone else’s party, this person gets furious at you because other guys who are interested in you start talking you. Doesn’t matter if they knew you before him/her, and are friends with you before this person, they get outraged, to the point where they stomp off or ignore your calls. And the next day, he/she turns it on you and makes it out to be your fault.

5. You’re excited  because of a Phillies win or because you just cheered someone and they won! You’re hugging every single one of your friends around you. You are all jumping up and down. Suddenly, he/she sulks and says you’re being too friendly. You have no idea when they just suddenly snapped. Completely confused, you want to straighten out the situation and try to talk it out. They throw a temper tantrum and want you to pick up the pieces. That is jealousy getting completely OUT OF HAND.

So now, what do you do?

I don’t know. I’m not sure. This seems like a really sticky situation. Do you just walk away from the whole situation? Or do you try to work it out? When is it irreversible damage? and unreconciliable differences?


One thought on “Jealousy: How much is too much?

  1. GREAT POST! The sad thing about jealousy is it is often a sign of the lack of trust on your significants other’s part. When there is no trust jealousy can take it’s place and cause havoc in any relationship. A little bit of jealousy is perfectly normal for most men have egos and their egos often blind them and can cause a bit of jealousy. But past that point it is showing some huge insecurities and issues that cannot be ignored. So in my opinion these things merit a talk and not just any talk … the talk. The talk that tries to get to the root of his jealousy and maps out what you will and will not tolerate. Take a stand! if you love him and yourself …you must! GREAT BLOG!!! Take Care!

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