How many people cry on their own birthdays?

I do.

I think the problems with birthdays, is that there’s too much expectations or promises, and it ends up leading to a lot more stress and disappointments than usual.

People tell you all these things they want to do for you, set up for you, party with you. And then it ALL somehow falls through when your actual birthday rolls around.

Good job, guys. Way to pump up my hopes… for nothing.

So is there any remedy?

I still want to be “Mr. Brightside” and be optimistic and try to have fun. So I don’t want to be all suspicious and lacking trusts in my friends, and not believe what they say.

But perhaps I should start screening my friends. Only keep the ones that are punctual and honest and aren’t flaky.

Flakey people suck.

Flakey friends are even worse. Cuz they’re not really your friends, if they constantly let you down.

ITS MY BIRTHDAY! why do you guys stress me out!? with unnecessary drama? and not being on time? making all reservations and parties a huge hassle to arrange and set up?!


What’s even more ironic, is that this entry was written before my birthday party. And all the above… came true. And yes, I cried at my own party. Ugh. So much drama.

People getting angry. 😦 booo

can’t you just wait? until after my birthday passes??


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