The amount a guy likes a girl, and vice versa

After talking to my brothers, my guy cousins, my guy friends, my guy classmates, even reading guy magazines and articles (GQ,, etc etc), and even after dating many different guys, I seem to have found a similar trend. (Editor’s note: YOU may be an exception. Which means your special, and we (women) love you. So please don’t be angry and jumping up and down with comments if this doesn’t apply to you…)

It seems to me that men fall for women… FAST. So if the guy finds a girl he really likes, he’ll like her straight off the bat, and a lot. But girls, on the other hand, seem to have a little crush, and then eventually like the guy more and more, and then later on allowing herself to fall for him a lot more.

Ok, let me back up a bit. Let’s start with the timeline. I’m starting from “Meeting”. So no, not starting from dating, but right away when the guy meets the girl, and gets really attracted. The girl may feel somewhat attracted, but seemingly more guarded.

Let’s say they go on a few dates. The guy’s interest can grow and stay strong and still consistent, as though the dates are just verifying his initial interest upon meeting her. The girl’s interest (if they get along) will start growing by each date.

Now they’re dating and we’re 6 months into their relationship. The girl’s interest is continually growing, if not sky rocketing. Meanwhile, the guy’s interest is consistent. May or may not be getting a bit bored.

2 years into their relationship. Now the girl can’t even imagine what life would be without this guy. But this guy is starting to get restless, or bored, or complacent. Either one of those emotions is not a good thing.

Eventually, the guy loses interest, but still stays with her due to multiple reasons: guilt, comfortable, its what works, history, etc.

Maybe there’s a graph that can help depict this

Amount Guys and Girls Like Each Other over Time

Amount Guys and Girls Like Each Other over Time

Special thanks to Palad006 for helping with the upload procedure! 😉
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