Love is sitting and sipping red wine…

Taken from a former comment from Time to Drop the “L-bomb” :

What if that were true?

So let’s allow our imaginations to run wild for a bit.

Let’s just say that love was watching us as we weakling humans were trying to figure out the rhyme and reason behind love. We put out books about “finding the right one”, we go to seminars about “creating better relationships”, we go to therapists for healing from a past love or for helping us to love. Seriously, we are obsessed with this love thing.

So as Love kicks back, and opens up a bottle of red wine to enjoy yet another episode of “Humans desperately trying to figure out Love”, does he (she?) chuckle quietly and shakes his head at our pathetic attempts? Or does it giggle because we look cute and endearing as we’re doing it? Or is it an evil grin and a sly smile, knowing that we will never figure it out, and the enjoyment of watching us humans pull out our hair and bite down our nails over it, is just a sick satisfaction of his?

What would Love think, if it could see us doing the things we do?

If someone ever figures Love out, will they point to Love’s face and go, “Ah-ha! I got you down! Sucka! I’ve nailed it! Don’t play with me anymore!” Or would the response be, “Aww, I’ve finally found you! You’re wonderful! I’m so happy I’ve figured you out!”

We all know tons of  Love quotes that are thrown back and forth. Those may be people claiming to know who Love is. But was it just a mirage? in a dry, ruthless desert? Has anyone truly figured out Love?

Love seems like a double edged sword to me. It bring amazing things to your life, but it can destroy it as well.

Let’s not forget the more gruesome Love stories in our time. Suicide due to unrequited love, homicide due to heartbreak and cheating, murder due to anger in love, asylum residents due to excessive heartbreak and depression.

So then is Love this two faced creature that sometimes bares it’s ugly face? So ugly it can parallel the mythical Medusa, in turning all who look upon it into stone? And yet at times it can also look like the gorgeous Aphrodite, that whoever looks upon it will fall madly in love? How terrifying is that? When I unveil the cover to Love’s face, who will I get today? Medusa? or Aphrodite?

That’s crazy!

Love is crazy! And the worst part is, it drives US crazy!


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