Investments and Potential Returns … on love

After I became single, I realized that things in the world of dating shouldn’t be so difficult, especially in the beginning. We jump through hoops, hoping that our efforts will later pay off our initial investments (parallel in the world of financial investments). But really, if there is no return, or there is no longer any potential of growth, we need to sell off those stocks, aka let go of the non-relationship that was either dead or “asleep”. And we need to let go sooner than later. Because as investments teaches us, the longer you hang on, wishing for that comeback (that never comes), the more you’ll lose.

Another point is, if there is way too much required in the beginning, I’d say, Abandon ship. Because if the initial investment requires, say, 30% – 40% of your income, yet doesn’t prove to have a good yield, what crazy person would say yes? Even financial advisors working with high risk clients would not suggest them to buy this stock. If the buy-in is much lower, say, 1% – 10%, then perhaps it’s a bit more doable. (Given the current economic situation, before going about and buying some risking stocks/funds with a large percentage of your income, you may first want to have 6 – 8 months of emergency funds in liquid form, as well as some type of retirement fund accumulating somewhere, as well as be debt free, especially credit card debt.)

Sorry about that tangent.

But my point is, shouldn’t we use the same/similar principles when we are investing in love? Shouldn’t we first invest in ourselves, and have enough emergency funds (making personal care a priority and nurturing friendships) before jumping in and buying some expensive and risky stock. And at the same time, relieve your debt situation (any healing or mending that needs to be done from past brokenness and bad relationships). And then perhaps some investments in our retirement funds (thoughts of what we are looking for and what we plan for our future). And THEN we can jump head first and invest into love relationships? And even then, if its way too much effort or expense, then perhaps we should just quit (or pull out our funds) before we get in too deep, and end up losing way more as we wait longer (like if you didn’t pull out your funds when the S&P500 dropped to 1000, and you continued to wait, and by the time it dropped to 780… it was too late to bail, or you could bail, just to stomach the loss).

Or am I reasoning too much? and have taken out the “magic” of love?

But perhaps there was no magic to begin with? What if it were just an easy economic and mathmatical problem? That can easily be modeled after our principles of financial investing?


2 thoughts on “Investments and Potential Returns … on love

  1. as a Christian Whartonite interested in the history of gambling (random i know), here’s my two cents:
    God is love and I don’t think any human model or system can be applied to Him. So in regards to the stock market (which i think is what you’re referring to when you say investments?) which is based on human irrationality (hence the study of behavioral finance) and decision processes (my major!), I don’t think you can quite relate the two….

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