The Wedding

So I sang at a college buddy’s wedding in Boston. And it was great to see a bunch of my college friends all at once!

However, going through the wedding ceremony was somewhat difficult. As I watched the happy couple getting wed. And as I heard the pastor speak about the sanctity of marriage. And how husband should love his wife. And as I listened to them both repeat the oath, of loving each other, in sickness and in health, in riches and in poor.

It made me look back and realize that that is what I yearned for with my ex. But my ex was not on the same page. To love in sickness and in health, in riches and in poor, till death do us part.

The pastor spoke a short message about love and marriage. And said there are three important things to remember in marriage. Forgiveness, Gratitude, and God’s Word. We need to always be ready to forgive the other person, even when there comes that one day, when you look at that person, and you can’t find an ounce of strength or reason to forgive them. But still, we need to forgive. And then gratitude. We need to constantly be thankful, thankful that my spouse would even consider marrying me and being with me. To remind ourselves how lucky we are to be with them. And to be in God’s Word, so that all of the things we do may be blessed by Him. Our words are seasoned by salt and our paths are lit by His light.

I realized, maybe my ex wasn’t able to forgive me, of my many mistakes. Maybe he was never grateful that I was with him. So in the end, I became a burden. A burden that had offended him one too many times.

It doesn’t matter if one person forgives and shows gratitude. It must be an effort from both sides. It must be a bridge built from both ends. A cooperated effort.

The wedding dullingly impaled me a few more times, but I walked away realizing that I’m thankful we never walked down that aisle together.


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