More on Rebounds

Hmm, so a friend and I have been discussing rebounds again.

How to distinguish a rebound?

He has an interesting outlook:

People only call it a rebound after the relationship fails. They never call it a rebound if it ends up working out. People would usually never call the current relationship a rebound. (Unless they knowingly went into a relationship not really liking the other person, just being with them to buy time or something.) But otherwise, people would never call the current relationship a rebound. They only crown the term “a rebound relationship” after the fact that the relationship fell apart, when, really, the relationship could’ve just been another failed relationship, just as in any other times in our lives.

However, if it were to conveniently follow after a previous relationship, no one has to take the blame, we can just easily throw the responsibility to “it was a rebound” and therefore “that’s why it didn’t work out”. It’s not because “I can’t hold a relationship”, or “I did something wrong” again, or “that the guy was a bad choice”, or anything. It can be simply passed as “it was a rebound”.

So at the end of the day, rebound is nothing more than… an excuse. An excuse and a scapegoat to take the blame of a failed relationship. A distraction to divert our attention from our own flaws and inabilities and incompetence to hold a relationship, but redirected on “circumstances”.

The concept of “Rebound” is almost like a myth that is repeated so often that suddenly it is active and living and has a mind of its own. And the legend has now become reality.

So now, when people live a myth as if it were reality… does it become reality? or does it remain a myth?


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