When is it no longer a rebound?

So what is the appropriate time before one person can enter into another relationship after a break up?

I’ve heard such statistics:

Take the time of the previous relationship, divide it by two, and that’s the estimated amount of time the person needs to get over the other.

But is that really true?

So a person coming out of a 1 year relationship needs 6 months, a 2 year relationship needs 1 year, 5 year relationship needs 2.5 years to be able to enter another relationship? Otherwise, it would just be a rebound?

Can people really judge each other like this?

What if that previous relationship wasn’t a healthy one? Or ended in a horrible way? How would other people know if the person is ready to go into another relationship yet?

Is it nice or rude of them to call someone’s next relationship a rebound? Its nice, because it seems that they are looking out for you and making sure you’re making decisions responsibly and clear-minded. But on the other hand, is it also a bit judgmental and rude? Telling you if you’re ready or not, making that judgment call for you, because “you are impaired to make any judgment now”. Is that something friends should say to one another?

I really don’t know. I face this dilemma myself, as the friend. I have friends that are getting out of long relationships, and they are going nuts, some are hurting, some are going on cruise control. And I’m not sure what to say to them.

No, I’m not about to get into a rebound relationship. Don’t panic, friends. But I was just thinking about this topic. When am I ready again? Is it up to me to decide? Or do I follow some formula? Or do I follow some expectation that the world gives me?


2 thoughts on “When is it no longer a rebound?

  1. Well, I can’t speak from experience on this matter, haha.. But I think what makes a relationship a rebound one or not mostly depends on how much respect you give it… If you have the proper, respectful attitude for the other person, as well as for the relationship itself, then I suppose you’re ready. Also, I’m sure prayer helps in your discernment =)

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