Can I defend him?

Last night, me and 20 friends went to sing karaoke. Crazy!

At Yakitori Boy, we ran into some more friends. Someone innocently asks how my boyfriend is, I smile and gently tell her that we’ve broken up. She’s beyond shock. She is angry. She is speechless. There were a few other friends with us, and they already know. I pat her on the back, telling her its ok, I’m ok, everything is ok. She shakes her head. We, as the group, keep talking about something else. She’s still staring at the floor and speechless. I guess since I haven’t seen this girl in awhile, she has no idea of anything that has happened in the last 2 months.

I glance at her and realize that her mouth is half opened, ready to say something. I ask her, whats up. She shakes her head and starts “I thought he was Christian, but how…? why? wh….” Her voice trails off, and all she can do is shake her head.

I explain that my now ex has been going through some tough times. And we are all sinners. Being Christian doesn’t mean we’re perfect. And that we all sin and hurt people in different ways, hopefully accidentally and not intentionally… But regardless how I try to comfort her, she has a look of disgust, and she shakes her head. And then grabs me to give me a hug.

I’m not sure if her reaction is to “support” me? or is it hitting her with such impact and shock?

Is it strange that I defend my ex? And help explain is actions? And calm down my friends when they get upset at the turnout of our relationship? Is it also ironic that I’m comforting others when I was the one that this breakup affected the most?

Or maybe… maybe I wasn’t the person most affected by this breakup. Is that possible?


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