Retreat Part 3 (how to focus on God at a retreat with your ex there)

God gave me healing during this retreat.

Even though the very person who brought all the pain was standing within 50 feet of me through the whole time. (Love is so heartbreaking)

God gave me songs, words, sermons, discussions that strengthened His message for me. He very interestingly gave the song “Blessed Be Your Name” during worship time, multiple times; with an emphasis on “You give and take away.” (Blessed Be Your Name) He allowed one of the speakers to speak about pain and tribulation: about how we are like a sponge, and when pain and tribulation squeezes us, we want to let out a fragrant scent, not a pungent stench or even no smell at all. We are branches that are in Christ’s vines. And when pressed from all sides, I want to let out that frankincense scent. When I taught the classes and led the teachers in the meetings and such, as I quoted scripture or prayed for them, I was also reminded again how those words meant for my life and I also was reminded how those prayers are also effective in my life as well.

God used every single opportunity to reach out to me and reminded me that He saves me and heals me. He reminded me that He gives freedom. He saves us. And He WILL rescue me and allow me to soar with Him, right now.


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