Retreat Part 1

Crazy 4-day retreat. Was unable to get onto a computer till now. We have 250 students, and 22 teachers and 30+ staff. A huuuge group! Tonight is the last night. We are having the last sessions and groups tomorrow, and will leave/check out by noon.

This retreat has truly been a blessing. I thought worshiping and singing would be hard, since my ex is the electric guitarist and is standing in full view on stage. But amazingly, God is so big and so overwhelming, that everyone in the room seems to melt away. Everything and everyone seems so small and insignificant in comparison. I can only sing and praise Him. I pray for my students, I pray for my teachers, I pray for myself, and I also pray for him. Despite all the pain he caused, and sin he did, in the end, we still worship the same God.

God is so much bigger than everything. (Deut 27 – 28) I was amazed. And every worship session, it was easy for me to just see God, and not my ex. God is greater than the air I breathe, the world we leave. (from a worship song… forgot the actual title…)

I’m thankful. There’s so much more praises and miracles that happened in the last four days. But that will come in the next few entries. Right now, I got to get back to my students and teachers! Its snack time! 🙂

12:05AM (yes, its past midnight. We extend their curfew, since it’s the last night~ 🙂 )


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