A cheating father or a cheating boyfriend/husband?

I wonder which is worse.

My friend who is much older than I, found out that her father was cheating on her mother. But her mother had already passed away. 14 years ago.

So let’s start from the beginning.When her mother was alive, she would tell her 5 children that the dad was cheating with this woman. But loving their seemingly honest father, no one would believe her. And some even blamed her to be delusional and paranoid. She had diabetes and heart disease, but her emotional health sped up the overall deterioration of her health. She died after battling with various organ failures and 2 years in the ICU. 2 years after her death, the father wants to remarry. And tells the rest of the family about this woman and his 2 illegitimate children, they were 15 and 10 at the time. Which meant he had this outside family long before the mother’s death. How do the 5 kids feel? After over a decade not believing their mother, calling her crazy, and only after she dies, they find out that she was telling the truth all along. But now she’s dead. And this cheating father is alive and well and with his new family.

Which is more wretched? Being cheated on yourself? Or finding out your father cheated on your mother, but now she’s dead and you can’t hold her or comfort her or just simply show your support. And the last few things you may have told her were: “You’re crazy.” and “You’re being paranoid.”


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