Ice Cream Family Time

I’m driving back from Napa to San Jose, and we stop for some coffee. I stay in the car, and we’re parked in front of an ice cream shop. I see one Mexican family with 5 kids sitting in front of the shop eating ice cream and playing with their parents. Awhile later, they leave and another Mexican family with 3 kids come sit down and eat their ice cream, too. It was a Sunday afternoon. The first Mexican family. In front if an ice cream shop. On the rare Sunday afternoon, they spend time with 3-5 children. Playing rock paper scissors. Allow them to talk and joke and jump around. The whole family comes out. In a way, I’m jealous.

I think about the Mexican workers around on the east coast and west coast. I often think that Mexicans have many similarities to Asians. (the following are some stereotypes and generalizations, so please don’t be offended… this is just me thinking out loud)

They are hard workers and they love their children, and they are very family oriented. And this is as a culture. I’m not sure exactly what these families at the ice cream shop do for a living, but the scene where they play with their children just really tugs at my heart. There were other patrons at the ice cream shop, young, married couples, groups of teenage girls, mom and her one son, etc. But the family hang out gripped me the most.

Perhaps the mom and dad spent all their weekdays hard at work, maybe 2-3 jobs, trying to provide for the family. And every Sunday is the few times when the whole family can be together. The 2nd daughter is playing with her father, as he holds another daughter on one knee. The mother is contently sitting next to her oldest son while watching their youngest daughter dance around the sidewalk and playing with her father’s car keys. They seem really happy.

Seemingly happier than the families I know back in Philly that make over 300k a year and have expensive ice cream delivered to their house. Hmm. Ironic?

Somehow, this simple pleasure makes me really jealous.


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