San Francisco!

I’m currently in San Francisco. Visiting my friends and going for a family reunion!

This is fun!

Except the part where I have to tell my family that I’m broken up… I’m so worried people will start crying. My ex was actually supposed to come to the family reunion. That is, until one month ago. (Suffering and Pain)

Anyhow, maybe I can not think about that yet. I can currently just focus on all the awesome restaurants and bars and shopping areas that I’m going to, as well as all the friends that I got to see!

I got in Saturday evening, around 10:30pm. My friend picks me up, and we go out immediately. Awesome! 🙂 We go to this lounge, it’s chill yet filled with people (paradox?). People in SF are so friendly and very very nice! At the end of the night, the cute bartender gives me his number, and then txts me if I want to “kick it”. I, being from the East Coast, have no idea what that meant. Wasn’t really sure how to respond, so I didn’t respond. I told my friend about it the next morning. Apparently, it just means to hang out. !@#$%. How was I supposed to know that!? People don’t randomly say kick it!

Sunday, we went to Union Square for some restaurant eating and some shopping! Except the sales tax here is now 9.5% (these pirates) and there is no clothes tax in Philly, NJ and NYC. So why am I buying anything from any chain stores here? So I refused to purchase anything. I know, it took a lot of self control. But when I thought about the almost 10% sales tax, it helped… a lot. Blood leeching California!

Monday, my other friend took my to Half Moon Bay. Nice beach! There was a little overcast, but for the most part it was pretty and sunny. After that, I went to meet his friends at a bowling alley. Dude, I’m horrible at bowling. Last time I played, I got a 37. Total score. No joke. After, we went to play beer pong at one guy’s house. There was 6 of us. This was probably the best beer pong game I’ve ever played. Granted, we didn’t really use beer. For the girls, we may have used something pink… like pink lemonade. Hhaha.

Tuesday, my 3rd friend picked me up from the 2nd friend’s house and drove me into the city. He took me on the car and showed me around the whole entire city. (I highly recommend this way of visiting and exploring SF. SF is huuuge. Very different from all our east coast cities, like NYC, Boston, DC, Philly, Chicago.) Everything is SF is so spread out, and they have no taxis, and barely any mass transit. So, solution? Drive in! I got to see Fisherman’s Wharf, Bay Bridge, Marina, Lombard Street (the curvy one), Haight and Ashbury (I finally got to buy stuff that wasn’t from chain stores), SoMa, and MarketPlace on the Pier. It was super fun!

Then later in the evening, we were supposed to go to this Japanese Bar and Restaurant for their sushi and sake bomb. Except… they close at 10pm. What!?!? Who closes shop at 10pm?! The kithen is still open at 10pm in Philly. Apparently, things on the west coast close early during the week, and places are open late only on Fridays and Saturdays. Interesting… Thank goodness I live on the east coast.

People are great here, weather is amazing, roads are huge, and houses are spacious. But not sure if that’s enough to get me to move over here yet. 🙂 But for now, I love the east coast and I’m happy I have my east coast amenities!


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