Ignorance is bliss?

Not sure if that’s true.

Its no use looking back, but sometimes… the realization hits hard and you’re eyes feel like they’re opened and then… you don’t know.. if you wanted them to be opened or not, because clarity also brings the harsh truth.

So which is worse?

To live in a world, where you don’t know the complete truth, but you feel content or happy, or just… on cruise-control? Or is it better to have your eyes opened, despite it confronts you with some nasty reality, and it hurts so much, but at least you know the truth?

Sometimes I think, would it have been better if I just didn’t find out about the cheating, and somehow, him and I just continued living on, in this facade? But at least together and in this somewhat sense of “content” and stability? Or was it better that I found out the truth, and I was released, and my eyes opened. Because now, though the break up was so painful, I’m free. (I’m Appreciated) But would I have avoided the pain altogether, just remain in a … constant, non-changing state? Or would I have chosen to know the truth? If I had a clear picture where these two routes led and caused, would I still have taken this one?

We are always afraid of change, a bit apprehensive, even the most optimistic and adventure seeking person. But what type and degree of clarity and truth is worth the pain of change and loss?

Which would you prefer? Ignorance and blissful, but maybe not the complete picture and not being completely satisfied, but at least somewhat stable and content? Or the truth, despite the harshness and pain it brings?


One thought on “Ignorance is bliss?

  1. This is a topic my friends and I talk about A LOT… not in your specific sense, of course, but in other senses. Personally, I would much rather have the truth, but it’s pretty surprising how most people would prefer to live in ignorance (then again, they definitely don’t see it that way).

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