“I want a smart woman”

Hmm, so a lot of my guy friends say that they’re looking for a smart girl. Or, they’ll go out with a woman, and then later on says that she’s not really the brightest chick. So then, most men out there say that they’re looking for smart girls. But is that actually true? Or do they just say it? Until a super sexy, hot girl comes along, but isn’t smart, then the smart standard is out the window in a second?

So men tell us they want smart women. However, if you go to the corporate world (or read 100+ blogs written by high profile women), you’ll find that smart, successful women find it hard to find men. Wait, not even finding a man, just finding a date is hard enough.

Now some men will say its because the women have too high standards. But is that true? Or do men fool themselves that they want smart women, but in the end, they realize that smartness and intelligence just isn’t as sexy and attractive as a double D chest size?

Or, could it be that men want smart women, just not as smart as they themselves are? So a man looks at a woman, and thinks, “Wow, she’s smart. I’m interested. But if she’s smarter than me, it’ll hurt my ego, or my manliness. So, no, I can’t date her.”

Or, perhaps they just say they’re interested in smart women so they don’t seem like nor feel like superficial and shallow people. But in reality, they actually value the long legs, nice butt, cute face, soft hair much much more than they do the brain in her head?

Or, as one of my friends said, they’re just greedy. They just want it all. They want “a smart woman but also the sexy stupid girl, too.” Which is… contradictory? They just want a superwoman that can morph into whatever they want at any point in time.

So what’s the verdict?

1. They thought they wanted smart women, but the big chest and nice butt wins out in the end. 2. They want someone smart, but just not smarter than them. 3. They’re just saying it so they don’t look like a shallow jerk. 4. They’re just lying to themselves, so they don’t feel like a shallow person, even though they do value to outer more than the inner. 6. They’re just greedy and they want it all.

So then that leads us to… what about women?

What do women want? Despite what they say they want? Do they always want that sensitive, thoughtful, smart and funny guy? Because last time I checked, we definitely go back on our words a lot, too.


2 thoughts on ““I want a smart woman”

  1. This entry reminds me of “Blink” by Malcolm Gladwell — the book goes over alot of what we can’t explain but we know instinctively. This article goes over something similar: http://www.pocketfives.com/poker-articles/blink-for-poker-2425920

    I feel like people “know” they should go for someone smarter bc educated women/men are more respected and cultured. Plus, it’s always easier to want something/one that’s widely popular. However, when it comes down to an entire package/person, people’s words may not go with their choices and they can’t explain why.

    So I feel like men/women are the same — they say they want something and they have their “list” of necessary attributes (worst idea in the world IMO) but when they are presented with someone, they let chemistry run its course.

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