My kids are … gone!

Today was the end of their program. Their parents came to pick them up, we had a presentation and a “graduation” luncheon. Very nice. But so sad that they’ll be leaving. And even with modern technology, I feel that I won’t see these kids ever again.

It’s hard when you kind of get attached. Seeing them 9am – 5pm everyday, without fail. And even during lunch. And then taking them out on field trips, and shopping, and exploring in the city, etc. Teaching them when they’re awake and alert, but also when they’re falling asleep and wiped out. Playing games with them to help them remember the material. Listening to their anxiety about exams and projects, their complaints about various things, and then comforting them. Laughing at their silly jokes, or try to keep a straight face when they’re trying to make you laugh. It’s hard not to fall hard for these kids.

All 24 of them!

They were a joy to teach, sometimes crazy and tiring, but a joy, regardless. And now that joy is leaving from my life!

I feel as though so many things are changing so fast. Coming in and out of my life. Something that I’ve taken under my wing, and loved, and now they’re gone. So soon.

One of my many favorite memories, when we walk around the city or during our field trips, I walk in front, leading the way, and my students (all 24 of them) are following in this loose, messy crowd/line thing… It really makes me feel like a mama duck with ducklings following behind. So cute, and kind of funny, too. Except some of these ducklings are taller and bigger than me. Hahah.

Oh, my high school students. I’ll miss them a lot.


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