Loud music

I need loud music. Its as if the loudness of it can fill up all the space that I feel around me. I can listen to anything, POD, Skillet, anything. I’m not sure if the loud music is drowning out the loneliness or if the loudness/fullness of it helps fill room I’m in. But I need this loud music.

I feel as though I’m as thin as a piece of paper, about to blown away. My mind is so transient. I’m distracted, I can’t focus. But I want to focus. I feel as though I might float away.

This loud music is waking me up, its screaming for me. This loud music is so loud its pulling me out of my zoning out state, its anchoring me so I don’t just stare out into space and float away to oblivion.

This loud music screams away everything, it fills my emptiness, it anchors my floating being, it grabs my face and ears as it pins me down, and slaps me to make me wake up, and breathe. I need to carry on. The world goes on, and so do I. The human spirit is supposed to be stronger than we think. But, mine is wearing thin, mine is stripping down to shreds.

Loud music, scream and yell for me, pull me back so I don’t float away and go crazy. Slap me hard, so I’m not still in a daze.


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