Scabbing too fast is bad

So you would think that scabbing quickly is good, but actually, that means skipping steps and not allowing the wound to take its time for proper healing and the time and process that it needs. (A mother’s tears)

I think the first 2 weeks, due to the immense pain and sadness, I seeked God diligently. But the latter days, I felt “stronger” and more stable. And I allowed myself to stay busy and get distracted. Which is not always the best idea. Fast scabbing definitely leads to some degree of jadedness and then leads to distancing from God.

I start focusing on the menial daily tasks, myself, and other people. I need to focus on God. I need to look upon the cross and my mighty God once again.

One thought on “Scabbing too fast is bad

  1. I actually could relate to that somehow. At first I pray and find strength from the holy spirit and it empowers me with.It works! True story. And have friends support you along the way.In the end I got cocky… I can do this dot dot dot.and then it vice versa. Rely more on friends than God.Later days my focus got thrown off.So now I need to start over and not give up so lightly.His kingdom first but friends around you are important also.Jia you!!!!!!!!!! -=)

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